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My name is Lisa Lynn and I’ve been called to testify against the New Age.

First and foremost, I am a newly devoted disciple of Christ. Secondly, I am a “dissident” and thirdly, a writer. I was once a professional psychic and new age prophetess; a phenomenal tarot card and oracle reader, surveyor of auras, balancer of chakras near and far. I was deeply devoted to my practices and to my clients; a self-proclaimed healer and “light-worker” for many years. I have come quite a long way, from a strange and distant place, to stand where I do today.

Investigating the Bible in 2019 unexpectedly transformed my heart and mind. Everything has begun to make sense since then and I want to invite you on an investigative journey as well. If you are a spiritually-minded person or a conspiracy-minded person or an open-minded person or a skeptic like me, investigating the Word of the Bible is worth your time.

When the Word of God is hidden from you, whether by aversion, evasion or some means of dissuasion, your life is subject to crumble under the authority of man. If the Word of God is revealed to you, you are able to build a life which is subject only to Gods authority.

I found myself being called to defend my natural rights, basic freedoms and deeply held convictions, in writing, in light of rapidly changing social policies.

When I turned to the Bible for guidance, I discovered a foundation of unchanging truth that not only surprised me but began to lift veils upon veils of deception that had been laid over me by a growing culture of depravity.

I was personally shocked when I began to see that the message of the God of the Bible is in alignment with my love for others, for freedom and for the pursuit of truth – though my life was not. I was heartbroken when I discovered how badly my culture had warped my perception and maimed my God’s creation: me. I was destroyed for lack of knowledge.(see Hosea chapter 4, line 6)

Now I have set out writing a book about my life in the New Age; which relates other aspects of our modern culture (i.e. feminism, sexual liberation, abortion, healthcare and education) to the cultivation of this new spirituality.

Follow my journey to publication as I blog along the way; spanning the topics of spirituality and philosophy, education and healthcare, government and history, book-writing, dog-walking, mixed martial arts, gluten-free baking and more!

You can explore this website for resources beyond the blog such as free-to-print pamphlets, posters, letters and sticker templates or use the connect page to contact me or request prayer.

Let Freedom Ring!

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